Project Offworld

Offworld was a project that started when I was an intern. With several friends we developed a small third person shooter that we entered in the Indievelopment 2013 competition. We ended up earning 3rd place with an honorable mention for the graphics.

After Baldi Konijn and me decided that we wanted to release this to the public, we (with consent of all the original team members) started working on a graphical overhaul. We redid most textures, overhauled the UI, added a whole bunch of new floating islands and added another ship class and a new secondary weapon.

Play Offworld here - Unity Webplayer(opens new window/tab)

My responsibilities and contributions:

  • Ship models
  • Environment models
  • Building and foliage models
  • UI programming
  • Weapon and AI programming
  • Custom toon shaders
  • Art Pipeline
  • QA
Ingame screenshots