Trickalized was the first project I worked on in which I had a larger role than just creating 3D models and texturing them. One of the larger contributions I made to the game was in making the UI art and doing the programming of the UI using NGUI in Unity.

Near the end of the project I was also responsible for improving the two character models. While the female did not require much work besides a few tweaks for limb deformations, the male character required a full makeover. Both characters were also in dire need of improvements in the texture department. Creating a base texture for both of them allowed them to quickly get new outfits by texture swapping.

Lastly I also made one of the levels, which is also part of the last mega level, which is a combination of all the levels in the game. While all the props and buildings were pre made, I was responsible for the level layout, and the environment the player can interact with.

My responsibilities and contributions:

  • 3D:
    • Character Texture improvements
    • Male Character 3D Model improvements
    • Metro Line & Train Station Environment
  • UI Programming
  • UI Art
  • QA

Play Trickalized here - Unity Web Player(opens new window/tab)